How do we do it?

Each business is unique, so we start by understanding the key components of your business strategy.  We analyze how best to provide the knowledge and skills employees need to most effectively perform their roles.

We focus on the skills and behaviors that have a measurable impact on business metrics.  We use creative, unique and high-impact learning approaches to get real behavior change and drive organizational performance.

How does it make a difference?

Working with Fortune Global 1000 companies, PDG has been able to help drive real business improvement in critical issues, like:

  • Increasing the average daily rate of hotel rooms
  • Improving customer satisfaction by having better-prepared call center agents
  • Improving the time to proficiency of key roles so they can become productive more quickly
  • Ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements

For example:

  • We helped a major bank implement their new teller automation system, making sure every branch was ready to go live.
  • We helped a global auto manufacturer onboard thousands of new employees in a short amount of time due to a significant relocation effort.

Why are we different?

In business, it’s not what you know, it’s what you do. What makes us unique is our focus on behavior change. We provide the link between behavior and performance in a quantifiable manner so that the value of the solution can be identified and tracked.

Our solutions have delivered:
observed improvement in manager performance
reduction in overhead costs via learning organization centralization
increase in customer satisfaction ratings
employees onboarded
reduction in human-error-related deviations while driving a 20% uptick in productivity
reduction in employee turnover directly impacted by training and performance improvement
reduction in quality defects for the products
Measurable Business Impact

How you measure matters. We start every engagement by determining the criteria by which our client will measure success. We believe measurement drives accountability for results and we partner with companies in one of two ways: We can leverage your internal measurement team process/model for measuring results, or involve PDG’s partner Beyond ROI to measure post-program impact through a third-party objective model that provides insights on how your company compares to other companies in your space.

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