Enhance your competitive position by engaging and retaining your top talent

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Does your onboarding create a competitive advantage?In today’s world, competition for talent is fierce. Employee engagement is as low as 30%. Unemployment is at the lowest level in decades, so employees now have more options. 20% of employees leave in their first 45 days, and 50% will be gone within two years. Replacing talent can cost up to 150% of annual salaries.
How can enhanced onboarding make a difference?
Attract Top Talent and Build Your Employer Brand

A growing economy means increasing competition for the best talent. How can you attract the right people, help them perform quickly and effectively, and keep them engaged?

Lifelong Learning, not a One-Time Event

Onboarding is more than a welcome to the company; it’s the first step in an ongoing journey of growth, development and adaptation.

Increase Employee Engagement

Onboarding creates the links to purpose, culture, and strategy that drives employee engagement. Engaged employees are more committed and more productive.

Cultural Integration, not Orientation

Onboarding is about being immersed in the organization and becoming part of the culture—and inspiring commitment in others.

Retain & Grow Your Best People

Engaged employees stay longer. Studies show that great onboarding can increase talent retention by as much as 200%.

Make an Immediate Impact

Onboarding helps you feel like you made a great career decision and shows how you can make a difference while realizing your personal goals.

PDG’s Six Pillars of Strategic Onboarding:
Culture, Network, Strategy, Career Support, Capability, and Development
PDG’s Six Pillars help define an employee’s success in the critical first year on the job. From pre-boarding to onboarding to long-term post-boarding, participants learn while doing, become productive more quickly, and feel welcome right from the start.
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