Setting the PACE for Leadership.

Leaders drive the success of the business; they are the builders and implementers of your corporate strategy.

Developing leaders represents a significant investment. Too often, the valuable skills and insights shared in leadership classes are forgotten when leaders return to the demands of the job. Can you demonstrate how leadership development is impacting the key metrics of your business?
The PDG Leadership Framework
Leadership Framework

We believe leadership development shouldn’t be separate from doing the job—it should be integrated into doing the job. That’s why PDG developed the Leadership Framework, a long-term strategy that ensures better adoption of skills and higher retention rates. Leaders focus on learning from experience, giving them a chance to grow and mature. Leadership work is fully integrated with the “real work,” so it doesn’t feel like extra effort.

Impact Plans

A key element of the Framework is an Impact Plan that focuses on practice and application and helps leaders learn new skills, then apply and refine them on the job over time. We also integrate the next level of leadership into the process, so they can coach and reinforce new behaviors.


The Leadership Framework is flexible. We can provide leadership content, repurpose the content your organization already loves, or curate from the best leadership content available. And since measurement is critical, we build a measurement model into every engagement, which focuses both on leadership behavior and business impact.

A Leadership Case Study
PDG worked with a major technology company to build their leadership bench strength. PDG created a highly interactive long-term leadership program that was a potent blend of learning, on-the-job application, idea sharing, and coaching. PDG’s PACE Plan laid out a clear roadmap for leaders, eliminating the lines between learning about the job and doing the job.
Growing great leaders takes time and practice. How can you be a leader if you don’t lead?
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